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  1. Apr 2021
    1. recruitandradicalize

      To me, memes have become the shortest route to posit hateful statements based in untruths.

    2. fecundity,

      the ability to produce an abundance of offspring or new growth; fertility. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEiqZWw5vYs

    3. hesewere(i)the “referentialorideationalsystem” tofocusonthemeaningofthememe;(ii)the “contextualorinterpersonalsystem” tofocusonsocialrelationsofthememe;(iii)the “ideologicalorworldviewsystem” tofocusonvalues,beliefs, andworldviewscommunicatedbythememe

      Focusing on meaning, social relations, values/beliefs/worldviews seem like a great place to analyze posted memes.

    1. the process by which a designer creates acontext, to be encountered by a participant, from which meaning emerges.4

      This quote reminds me of how teachers design learning for kids. This statement allows teachers to use a classroom context, have the student encounter it, and work to create meaning. What contexts and designs are implemented are up to the stakeholders and create agency.

    2. “magiccircle,”
    3. Each concept also points to anew paradigm for what it will mean to become literate in the comingcentury.

      Systems, play, and design lead to the set of cognitive, creative, and social skills that will be what learning becomes in the future. How does this differ from Froebel's toys and learning through play?

    4. What does gaming look like? butinstead: What does the world look like from the point of view of gaming?

      This paradigm seems to be omnipresent regarding educators that either are for or against game-based learning. Our course has explained the "for" game-based learning clearly. How do we aid other stakeholder in the point of view of the game itself?

  2. Mar 2021
    1. Ramus’s geometry: the invention of the modern textbook

      Pretty cool.

    2. Situated practice/experiencing: Human cognition is situated. It is contextual. Meanings are grounded in real- world patterns of experience, action, and subjective interest (Gee 2004). One key pedagogical weaving is between school learning and the practical out- of- school experiences of learners. Another is between familiar and unfamiliar texts and experiences. These kinds of cross- connections between school and the rest of life Cazden calls ‘cultural weavings’ (Cazden 2006).

      I like Cazden's term, "cultural weavings" and feel this is an appropriate incorporation of the home, citizen, and identity environments that are overlooked regarding learnings for people. Curricular (in school learnings) and co Curricular (beyond the school learnings) do combined to feed off each other, allow for growth, reflection, and meaningful connections.

    3. differences are the consequence of any number of factors, including culture, gender, life experience, subject matter, social or subject domain, and the like. Every meaning exchange is cross- cultural to a certain degree.

      Cross-Cultural and "intersectionality" are important concepts for leaners and stakeholders. I appreciate that the authors include this and there are many varied perspectives that can be referred to herein...Does this cover everything? Perhaps!

    1. Genres and Genre Writing

      This is a neat way to wrap up the course.

    2. Spring Break: UNC closed Mar 13-21


    3. Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT)

      Also a great resource to explore. I liked learning about Ethics in Technology at https://www.aect.org/docs/AECT_Code_of_Ethic-Current.pdf

    4. International Society of Technology in Education Standards (ISTE)

      Thanks for including these standards. Funny to think back to teaching the computer lab in 2005, how lost I was in with no available . In exploring the ISTE webpage, there are substandards in each category.

    5. engage in technology enhancedmultigenre research

      this will go nicely with a text from my Educational Ethnography class, Hybrid Ethnography

    6. define multimodality and explore its applications

      This is new to me and exciting.