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  1. Dec 2017
    1. I Find it odd that this would be so far from the beginning of the textbook since this is a research methods class. I understand the placing of the chapter within this textbook, it flows, but for our class - we have been writing APA style papers the entire semester, so to visit this now, seems silly

    1. This was a really cute addition, it demonstrated the idea of an extraneous variable as a confound in a way that college student's can relate too. As a whole, this chapter on confounds was a lot clearer than other chapters and was very helpful in writing the discussion portions of our own final papers.

  2. Oct 2017
    1. There are two reasons that correlation does not imply causation.

      always a confusing topic for me

    2. Are women really more talkative than men?

      we are not. just saying. thought it was worth repeating

    3. I feel with the ever- changing technological advances these days that it's almost inevitable that students will take notes on their computer. Professors are using power point slides, and the best way to annotate them is to have them in front of you. It's impossible to copy down every from a slide on a piece of paper, so either you print the slides before class or you have them on your laptop in front of you and take notes that way. while i do agree that it is sometimes distracting to have a computer open and you most like will only try to type exactly what the professor is saying, im not sure many of us have much of an option anymore. I prefer taking notes by hand but that gets tedious when professors are using slides, and i still find myself trying to write what the professor says and not reframing in my own words.