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  1. Jan 2024

      ... because functional differentiation of notecards will occur regardless of your original / top-level categories so long as you append notecards to their most relevant neighbor

  2. Mar 2023
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    1. It could be speculated that these classes deal with interference on a cosmic level

      and/or the class system could be dictated on the level of agency available to the character. Passive classes tend to have less agency, active classes tend to have more agency. I'm thinking about how Caliborn, a Lord, had enough agency to not trick Calliope into removing the chain but to just bite his leg off. Very symbolic. And alpha Calliope, setting up a stage and essentially inviting Jane and Jade to share their memories. Or Muse Calliope contextualizing Jade about John's retcon and his alt-self death.

  4. Aug 2022
    1. She wasn't convinced, so I asked her what she thought a good way for personal reflection was, and she responded "talking to people."

      Our personalities sublimate and gain complexity in the presence of others.

  5. Jun 2022
    1. knowledge that is very hard to acquire (In the broadest definition) or knowledge that is embodied in a person (or group) and that they can’t make fully explicit

      Informational dark matter

  6. Apr 2022
    1. There is no known cure for dementia.

      I dream of the day this phrasing changes.

    1. volition in the face of novel stimuli was mediated through a linguistic control mechanism and experienced as auditory verbal hallucination.

      You mean, "The right side of the brain talks to the left side of the brain as a different entity".


    1. Luhmann, by contrast, barely wrote about his Zettelkasten: he focused on his prolific research output, then published a couple small essays about his practices near the end of his career.

      It's really really really ironic that, as our knowledge graphs and gardens become more complex, the harder it is to incentivize ourselves to discuss their inner workings with people. It's a lot how we can't explain how our literal brain (and to a cognitive extent, our minds) works. We focus on the output. And so [[We work from terminal components]].

    1. it’s helpful to design our external cognitive systems such that our day-to-day noodling can accrete

      So true! But this doesn't acknowledge the fact that tools for thought are not modeled after our minds. Programmers do not have concepts like "the unconscious" or "dreaming" in mind while making note-taking apps. [[All current tools for thought fixate on highly conscious thinking]].

    2. Leaps of insight emerge from prior thought

      It's genuinely wild that we're coming to similar/same conclusions but with different mental modes. Matuschak is really keen on the crystallizing "Evergreen note" model. I'm more keen on the fluid-continuous fundamental unit of [[mental contexts]].

      Anyway. In my words, this would be called "bruteforcing insight from old material" (which I use in the Ne-Si pairing), or "old works precipitate new ideas and themes with time and resurfacing".

  7. Mar 2022
    1. Take these “idea seeds” seriously; write them down; add them to your idea file or personal journal. You never know when they might come in handy!

      Seedboxes are incredibly useful. I never really bother with the categorization of "fleeting notes". All notes are, in a sense, fleeting.

    1. She also responded to commenters on her video who were unfavorably comparing her complaints to the plight of Ukrainians by saying, “Listen, to those who are writing all sorts of filth, all these propaganda stories, I absolutely don’t give a shit.”

      something something wrong side of history something something but you didn't hear it from me...

    1. Not “I learned this!” but “I built this!”

      IMO, this is not the only way to share your progress.

      Knowledge loves to be shared--not necessarily applied, all the time, every hour, every day.

      it [knowledge] wants to be seen


      "the eagerness to be useful to a friend" pulls fragments from your mind. i unabashedly quoted and referenced other people's posts in my early Tumblr reblogs when i was just getting started there. but too much of it is exhausting:


  8. Dec 2021
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    1. hey, how are you?

      The skull emoji is me confused over the tone of the message. Is it negative? Is it regretful? I genuinely can't tell.

      The other message is just that. I don't know much about you. I was genuinely surprised to hear you were part of dreamlying. Regardless, I regret we didn't get to know each other better.

  10. Oct 2021
    1. I find it a bit silly that [[tweets]] in [[mastodon]] are called [[toots

      Posts in Mastodon are almost certainly called toots for endearment/whimsy. Birds tweet, but elephants toot.

    1. Sour Flower123,363 views123K viewsDec 31, 2020

      I love this song so, so, so much. Thank you, Lianne La Havas.

  11. Apr 2021
    1. Why, this is shockingly meta. Good afternoon. I'm excited to see this new layer of the internet!