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  1. Sep 2015
    1. We’re breaking each other’s heart. I draw a picture of her on the blackboard using brown chalk. I make “X”s where her eyes should be.

      Her love for her dog is a main theme in this story and it's sad to think that she has thoughts of its death on a regular basis.

    2. I’d grab her long nose like a gearshift and put her through all the gears

      This is a cute little game she plays with her collie in a happier time. I love this.

    3. I have the distinct feeling there is something going on that I can either understand or not understand. There’s a choice to be made.

      This is a very interesting concept.. I suppose this refers to the saying 'ignorance is bliss"?

    4. “If it’s plasma, make it in red,”

      I love that she interjects her non-physicist opinion to try to make it comprehensible to herself and to annoy Bob.