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  1. Jun 2021
    1. ρ

      rho is undefined to my reckoning?

    2. Note that every call of sample(1:6, 3, replace = T) gives a different outcome since we draw with replacement at random. To allow you to reproduce the results of computations that involve random numbers, we will used set.seed() to set R’s random number generator to a specific state. You should check

      In general I really like the online approach etc! really appreciated. I am now actively using and studying through this book. I think what would be super useful is to show some kind of equivalent of page numbers. Going back and forth between sections and scrolling up and down really makes me lose track of where i was.

    1. ?seq

      ?function doesn't work for mean in the interactive R console (i am using firefox browser) - the running of the scripts and other rconsole interactions does work