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  1. Sep 2017
    1. oday, we find it obvious that two automobiles may be virtually identical and that we are invited to buy a model rather than a specific “incarnation” of it. Indeed, we are fast moving towards a commodification of objects that considers repair as synonymous with replacement, even when it comes to entire buildings.

      Maybe implies that we don't buy instances, we are trying to buy whole classes. Or become a part of a community rather than gain capital for its own sake.

    2. The good news is that it is a challenge we can meet

      This seems optimistic based on climate research.

    3. better the information management is the less moral evil is caused.

      So more efficient communication or storage, though this completely neglects passive storage, e.g. writing.

    4. In 2005, the figure had raised to 1%. They are now responsible for more carbon-dioxide emissions per year than Argentina or the Netherlands and, if current trends hold, their emissions will have grown four-fold by 2020, reaching 670m tonnes

      How is information, for example, a conversation accounted for in this model? As we go forward and find more efficient ways to store and convey information in fewer 1s and 0s, must we constantly reevaluate this relationship? Passive vs Active storage of information seems to be key here as well.