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  1. Feb 2021
    1. but the descriptions are limited by dependence on the actual clinical nursing situations from which they must be derived.

      Limitations of Benner's model

    1. Elections are only democratic if they are truly free and fair. This requires the freedom to advocate, associate, contest, and campaign.

      what makes a true democracy

    2. vertical accountability is a genuinely democratic election

      vertical accountability definition

    3. invests some agencies of the state with the power and responsibility to monitor the conduct of their counterparts

      horizontal accountability definition

    4. This requires both vertical and horizontal accountability

      two forms of political accountability

    5. in which citizens trust one another and interact as political equals. In sustainable democracies, institutions of good governance--such as impartial judicial systems and vigorous audit agencies--induce, enforce, and reward civic behavior

      path to genuine democracy

    6. they must listen to their citizens' voices, engage their participation, tolerate their protests, protect theirfreedoms, and respond to their needs

      path from predation to democracy

    7. it must have more than regular, multiparty elections under a civilian constitutional order

      what is a genuine democracy

    8. lections are only democratic if they are truly free and fair.

      What does genuine democracy look like