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  1. Dec 2017
    1. Th: Jefferson

      I guess I'll take up the most obvious part of the whole document. It is truly a peculiar thing that UVA was founded by an enigma like Thomas Jefferson. Aesthetically, it's pretty cool to attend one of 2 schools founded by U.S. presidents (the other being the University of Buffalo by Millard Fillmore). It is also the only university to have had 2 presidents serve as its chief officer, the other for UVA being James Madison. It is also interesting to note that of all the things to be put on the grave of a man as accomplished as Thomas Jefferson, he chose to list his contribution to the founding of UVA over his position as U.S. president. This was obviously place founded with much hard work, by both the men who thought of it and the slaves who constructed it.

    2. Government

      Obviously instruction on government is not unique among institutions of higher learning but it would have been rather unique at a school like UVA which was founded and run by people directly involved in politics. This may seem like a very cool opportunity, and perhaps it would have been, but it could have also led to biased teaching for reasons separate from academic rigor. Universities have a certain role to act separate from The State and to provide it criticism from a purely intellectual and objective standpoint. This blending of Government and learning could have been detrimental.

  2. Sep 2017
    1. the branches of learning which we think should be taught in the University

      Interesting to note that any sort of religious studies is not included in their list of topic areas. This is a big departure from major universities of the time, given that many were essentially seminaries. This, however, makes sense given Thomas Jefferson's intense secular outlook on the world and education.