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  1. Dec 2017
    1. II Mathematics Pure

      After researching the degrees and classes offered and the early days at UVA, I learned that each of these ten sections are more like "colleges" like the Architecture school, Engineering School, etc. that we have now. As a student, it appears as though you entered certain schools and in those, the classes listed were ones you could get degrees in. However, it also seems like you chose not only more than one "degree" per "college", but also that we would choose more than one college. At least, this appears to be the case for two students at the time. {http://juel.iath.virginia.edu/node/54}{http://juel.iath.virginia.edu/node/153}. This seems in some to have resulted, in some of the colleges to have split into the idea of concentrations. Specifically in the math department, there is one math degree, but there are five different concentrations you can chose from now. This idea could have stemmed from the system that was in existence from UVA's founding.

  2. Nov 2017
    1. embracing all the sciences which may be useful & even necessary in the various vocations of life,

      This idea directly correlates to the establishment of general education requirements. I attempted to out if these general requirements had been around since the start of the university, but could not find said information. It would be interesting to know what the graduation requirements were at the start of the University and how they have changed over time to accommodate the changes in society. I also wonder why these general requirements really only apply to the College and not other schools at the University such as the Architecture School and the School of Engineering. However, these schools have elective requirements in different "sciences" so they fulfill this idea in their own way.