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  1. Oct 2020
    1. cognates

      Words that look similar but the meaning may be same or different.

    2. context clues

      The clues which which are present in the content to point towards the probable meaning.

  2. Sep 2020
    1. Thinking of your own teaching practice, have you ever revised learning content to make it better suited for your course? Why did you revise it? Did you have to get permission before you revised it?

      Yes, many a times I have used learning content for my own teaching practice. The revision was required to suit the contextual learner needs. I checked for the CC rights then took it up to be used. Also whatever the sources used were for educational and non commercial usage.

    2. What roles do you think digital technologies and the internet have played in making open education possible? Are there types of open educational activities that are dependent on digital technologies and the internet?

      Digital technologies and the internet have helped a lot in making open education possible because earlier the content used to be available in the hard copy only, now the soft copy material has widened the scope of accessibility. Similarly there are the MOOCs or software which cannot run without technology support.

    3. What does open education mean to you? Are there activities in the list that are part of your regular educational practice? What are they and why do you participate in them? What value do they bring to your educational practice?

      'Open education' to me means resources which are accessible to me without any restriction of copyright. I try to use resources available freely to prepare subject specific content.They help in effective teaching learning process.

    4. Sharing and reuse of teaching and learning materials (open educational resources) including courses (open courseware) and textbooks (open textbooks)

      In my view this practice is not just helpful but should be promoted throughout. As David talks about it in his TEd talk too that sharing education is a mutual support. We as teachers are always in constant search of material for our learners similarly we can contribute the same for our fraternity. It's like strengthening our self and evolving with the community. The resources will eventually benefit us all.