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  1. Jun 2016
    1. those


    2. for managing dependencies

      redundent - remove

    3. Wherever possible,

      Not needed - please remove

    4. Table XX. Code and Software Categories.

      I think the category of "frameworks" needs to be added. Specifically I am working on a Data Conservancy project that was given a grant to develop a framework for adding services to an existing software package... so it qualifies as a grant funded development activity.

      Or perhaps the missing bits should be added to the Module/library/command line interface? The point is code so that others can extend existing services in a standard way.

    5. We suggest caution, then, in when and what is being measured in these areas without further research.

      say what?

      I suggest simply deleting this sentence

    6. Nor does it address mismatches between maturity, of either kind, and the focus on project growth through new research or feature implementations to meet research goals or the realities of software meeting community needs without necessarily meeting code/project maturity goals. These maturity markers are indicators of project health that we strongly support but not to the detriment of the larger goals of providing product that meets a community need and is adopted.

      but what does this mean? Simplify please....

    7. Research Funding Lifecycles.

      ok, can't have the title have the word "lifecycle" in it if the diagram uses that term. And besides which it isn't clear how the diagram and funding relate. I suggest Software Maturity as a title, with some indication that maturity is increasing left to right.

    8. For the purposes of this document and the guidance provided, we are noting the expectations of project or code maturity and the expectations of what is appropriate to assess along those progressions based on those maturity expectations.

      Perhaps "For the purposes of this document we note that the appropriate guidelines with which to assess software depends on the maturity of the product and where it sits on the lifecycle."

    9. The guidance outlined here is intended intended to cover a broad range of research software concept.

      remove redundant "intended" and what the heck is a "research software concept"? Perhaps give a range of examples if you can't come up with some other phrase.

    10. Provide guidance and resources that are relevant for any type of research software or code or specific guidance when warranted.

      Unclear... Please restate. Perhaps you mean "Provide relevant guidance and resources for any type of research software/code and specific guidance if warranted."

    11. as well as certain structural concerns with the existing criteria.

      should read "... education goals as well as to fix certain structural concerns with the existing criteria".

  2. Feb 2016