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  1. Nov 2015
    1. What’s at stake is not whether someone can listen in but whether one should

      This is a risk that people who post online have to take and be aware of. If you post something online it is fair game for anyone.

    2. I do online journals so I can commu-nicate with my friends, not so my mother could catch up on the latest gossip of my life.

      I think we live in a generation of online communication and I think most teens are aware of what is acceptable to post online and what isnt.

    3. They cite youth’s widespread engagement with social media as evidence that the era of privacy is over.

      I think some teens use the web as a place to go to express themselves and to join a community and find friends or fit in somewhere and they use it completely differently than people who go online to post things.

  2. Oct 2015
    1. This view is common, though, and is based on the obvious notion that the Web is different from broadcast media like TV because the Web can support real interaction among users.

      I actually think that being internet famous in a way can be more powerful than being a celebrity from a TV show or something like that.

    2. We misread these seemingly inane posts because we're so unused to seeing written material in public that isIit intended for us.

      I think this is a way of showing how filtering and filter bubbles can control the internet

    1. "Some pitches are balls and some are strikes, but they ain't nothiri till I call 'em

      I think the audience of the media also has control over whether something is newsworthy or not. Since the public eye is in control of a situation's popularity they control whether or not a story will have sticking power.

    1. Censoring the Cute Cats

      I think it's really interesting how memes create their own language in a way. Inserting a meme can be used in place of adding words and people will still understand what you are trying to say.

    2. The rise of online symbolic action

      I've noticed that memes are more popular and a lot of them are created after a televised event. Especially an award show of some soft, the next day or even that night websites like Twitter or Instagram are filled with memes about memorable moments from the award show.

    3. which center around cats and dogs,

      I'm not exactly sure why but I think the most popular memes are pictures of animals (grumpy cat, kermit the frog) I think pictures of animals are the easiest memes to be creative with and there is something funny about an animal saying something rather than a human.

    1. meme in a meme pool.

      I think the analogy being made between a meme and a gene is very interesting and makes a lot of sense.

    1. “meme.”

      I think memes are so popular in social media and on the web because they are so unpredictable. Anything can turn into a meme even if it doesnt make any sense at all. Memes are also so versatile and are used in thousands of different ways on the web.

  3. Sep 2015
    1. information we give off about our selves, in photos and e-mails and MySpace pages and all the rest of it, has dramatically in­creased our social visibility

      No one really realizes how big their digital footprint is and what people are capable of finding through the digital footprint

    2. they were certain that the police weren't going to get involved.

      When dealing with people on the internet no one ever knows who they are actually dealing with. Because it's just the internet no one really knows who the person is behind the computer screen, who they know, what they are connected to or affiliated with, and how powerful they actually are.

    3. You and what army?

      Evan had an army that even he couldn't see how far it reached. I think something so powerful and interesting about the world wide web is that it can connect people from all across the world who come together because they agree on one simple idea or concept. So many people from several different places all came together to help one person.

    4. group action, given the right tools

      I think this shows not only the power of group action but also the power of how quickly things travel on the internet. I think for a long time people took for granted and didn't realize the power of the internet and what it is capable of.

    1. But joking aside, there were images like this one from Instagram which was subjected to a grilling by journalists. They weren't really sure. It was filtered in Instagram. The lighting was questioned.

      I think today when people share things on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, more often than not false information is being shared more frequently than the real story.

    2. And that meant that journalists had to deal with fakes, so we had to deal with old photos that were being reposted. We had to deal with composite images that were merging photos from previous storms. We had to deal with images from films like "The Day After Tomorrow." (Laughter) And we had to deal with images that were so realistic it was nearly difficult to tell if they were real at all. (Laughter)

      I think one of the bigger problems in today's society is that the audience may have too much control. Since the audience is always so large there is a lot of room for error. People often make up things or share false information.

    3. And the audience for such a long time was in a position where they didn't have any way of affecting news or making any change. They couldn't really connect. And that's changed irrevocably.

      In today's world I think the journalist or writer relies on the audience more than the audience relies on the writer. I think the audience has a lot more power in today's society because the audience is made up of the people who control how much attention the journalist gets and this could either help or harm the journalist.

    1. I have some friends who teach at Harvard, and they say that the students they see now cannot, or will not, read a full length book.

      Would having an online version of the book make reading a book easier for the students?

    2. I think texting while driving is more dangerous and distracting because a person has to be looking down at their phone to text instead of on the road.

    3. Would a student be more likely to read the book if was able to be read online?

    4. Would a student be more likely to read the book if was able to be read online?

    1. multi-tasking is bad for the quality of cognitive work,

      Some people have to multitask to be able to focus like watching tv or listening to music while doing homework