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  1. Feb 2017
    1. effective literacy skills

      Effective literacy skills have changed a great deal, as hickstro and I note here, but they also continue to do so each day. Just look at the various challenges associated with inaccurate information shared via social media or through news sources. It seems that this issue is continually raised in current conversation. How can we best equip our students to navigate information for accuracy and comprehension?

      Part of my job as an English educator is to help students make sense of content they read and write in their world. Analysis of texts and obtaining accurate information is an important part of the research process for students. My current students noted that they find this to be important and they want to get better at it to be informed about their world.

  2. Jan 2016
    1. Jim Crow was in full effect.

      The Warmth of Other Suns helps me think about Jim Crow South. Understanding this part of society is helpful to think about the context.

    1. I appreciate the importance of annotation and social annotation as a part of the research process.

    2. The role of social annotations as conversation offers a new purpose for some annotations. Sure, some people share books with annotations, but more people share in conversation when we go digital with the annotating.