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  1. Sep 2022
    1. When to the station they were taken,cna they were charged of taking life,When searching Carey they found upon him,‘Mr. Sieenson’s pocket-Knife

      The knife found on Carey was Stevenson's pocket knife that he had on him

    2. And be saw blood upon their clothes;‘This then gere him strong suspicion,

      With blood on both shirts and drinking gives ideas that they were the one who killed his father

    3. ‘He was by a neighbour found,‘With his sieull all smashed to peices,He did lay upon the ground5O’ then what news was for his som,‘To hear his father Was no more,: ‘To think by raffians he was murdered,& At the oge of sixty-four.|

      Detailed how he was found

    4. oallyoung menpraytakewarning,Highandlowofevery decree,Giveupdrirkingandnight-walking,Blayothoaeandshunbedcompany.Drinkhos"r,tmanyamantorain,‘Someithasevntacrossthesea,Someit.hascausedto die injail,”‘Andsomeuponthegollowstree,London PrintedandPublishedatTAYLOR'S‘SongMart,93,BrickLane,Bethnal Green,"(ienetheRailway Arch.)Haw!‘and the TradeSupplied.

      The night of the murder