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  1. Oct 2020
    1. Technology in the Classroom: What the Research Tells Us

      Very interesting read about using personal technology in the classroom, including laptops and cell phones. Cell phones? I've never considered a cell phone as a useful tool in the classroom, and the authors agree, citing research that indicates cellphone users in the classroom perform half a grade lower than students who don't use them. I just assumed that all along, so it's nice to hear it's confirmed by research. The article goes a step further and discusses not only useful technology but the misuse of technology in the classroom, which is certainly helpful for a perspective teacher. Also a pretty cool website with news, reports, data, research, and even a place to search for education jobs. Solid 8/10 rating.

    1. Response: Ways to Use Tech Effectively in English Classes

      Ahh, my cup of tea! This website offers a host of great resources, many written by the boots-on-the-ground teachers that practice what they preach. This particular article is a two-part series that asks, "What are effective ways to use tech in English classes?" The answers are given by some very reputable and experienced educators. Education Week Teacher is certainly a resource that I would utilize throughout my teaching career (if I ever get one!). 9/10 rating.

    1. SHAREFacebookTweetPinterestFOLLOW Classroom innovation creative thinking, learning styles How to Make Technology in Classrooms Effective and Exciting

      This brief but well-written article caught my eye because of the title--who wouldn't want to make technology "effective and exciting"? Although the article is geared specifically to pedagogy, we can always slide tilt that continuum to include some of the ideas in andragogy, can't we? Of course we can. This is a really well put together website that provides quality information with the slogan, "The resources to thrive--and the laughs to survive--as an educator." Best site I've come across today- 9/10 rating.

    1. Introduction to Malcolm Knowles's andragogy theory

      Nice! A great Linkedin video from consultant Jeff Toister explaining the differences between pedagogy and andragogy, including how to actually pronounce the two terms! I've never heard pedagogy or andragogy spoken by a human before and my internal pronunciation of the terms was way off, so now if I'm talking to a learned person about it, I will not sound like an idiot. Really well-done video. Rating 8/10.

    1. Pedagogy, Andragogy, and Technology

      Just some basic information about andragogy, courtesy of our old friend Malcom Knowles. Very straightforward delivery meant for a reader unfamiliar with the gogys. The website itself is one geared toward women--perhaps a new form of educational delivery called matrigogy or feminigogy is in order? Very clean and well laid out website with a lot of information for women, from radio programs to sweepstakes. 7/10 rating.

    1. 10 Characteristics of Adult Learners & Instructional Methods Geared Towards Adult Learners

      This page from Albany Community College in New York covers the basic characteristics of adult learners, along with instructional methods used to teach them. Although most of these characteristics are well known to us grad students, it makes me proud to know that we adult learners are "more resilient to change" more "diverse than youth" and that adults "tend to be more motivated." The article ends with a quiz about the content. In retrospect, this is really just an assignment page from Albany CC. LOL 6/210 rating.

    1. Interesting article about how higher ed enrollment of adult and part time learners actually peaked in the early 1990s and how institutions of higher learning need to do a better job of serving that particular population, and not just by increasing marketing to that population. The article suggests more work experience connectivity, service learning opportunities, employer partnerships, and non-degree pathways to increase opportunities for adult learners. A well-constructed website that has little clutter and offers a plethora of information concerning higher education. 9/10 rating.

    1. New MIT Work of the Future Research Explores How Work-Based Learning and Online Education Are Key Elements of Adult Training

      Very topical and interesting read about how the job market and related technologies may be restructured in light of the Covid pandemic. The article is more like an annotated bibliography that includes links to the briefs prepared for the study and a short summary of them. A very cool website with little fluff and plenty of useful tools. 9/10 rating.

    1. What You Need to Know about Adult Learning

      This government website is actually not as dry and mundane as one would expect. The article covers training as opposed to education, which you would expect from the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. The website is full of useful information, articles, safety standards, products and resources related to work safety. Rating 8/10.