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  1. Jul 2019
    1. s no appetite for international crises, unless they are of its own devising. As Russia’s partner, China can serve as a source of reassurance along their joint border, and temper Russia’s excesses around the world.

      This seems a very interesting premise/conclusion

    2. s Russia seeks to evade the hegemony of the dollar, the yuan is becoming a bigger part of its foreign-currency reserves (the share of dollars fell by half to 23% during 2018, while the yuan’s share grew from 3% to 14%).

      This is really, what's happening - getting to a 50 basois point cut in life will remain one of the most significant ways to counter the challenges facing the US and other levels of investors.

    3. Far from being an equal partner, Russia is evolving into a Chinese tributary.

      Eventually, we will find a way to exploit this perception of weakeness and dignity that they are facing as of right now.

    4. In each case the country that was left on its own has always seemed to pay a price, by being stretched militarily and diplomatically.

      Yeah, but the relative power structures of each country at the point of isolation really was and remains so very different.

      Moreover, the economic, technological and military solutions are without a doubt the best.

  2. Jun 2019
    1. Our goal should be to move China toward global best practices on all these issues, not to isolate it and create a bifurcated world economy, internet and technology market.

      Wake the FUCK UP - it's too late!!! Everyone's in a state of denial about our trade war with China.

      I'm not sure which stage of grief Tom Friedman and the Wall Street folks are at - there will be a brutal end to the rules based international order.

      I'm hopeful one man's (or woman's) ignorance is an opportunity to make money!!

  3. May 2019
    1. Huawei has already developed its own chips and other capabilities, and has said that it has stockpiled equipment for a day when it would lose access to American know-how and equipment.

      I bet they've got their PLA hacking unit 61398 on fucking overdrive to steal as much shit from the WEST before the lockdown

  4. Aug 2018
    1. Facebook gets 70 percent of its ad revenue from those two regions. Facebook said its monthly average users in the US of 241 million didn’t grow at all, and that monthly average users in Europe actually fell slightly to 376 million from 377 million.

      This is an incorrect metric! The questions are:

      • Time spent on the platform
      • How the time spent on the platform translates into ads?
      • FB already knows the answer to this