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  1. Jan 2018
    1. . I’m forced to make difficult choices about what I include and what I leave out

      I love how this teacher is going out of her comfort zone to change things based on what her students need.

    2. was to see these students as “disadvantaged” instead of seeing their brilliance

      I think we tend to slip into this mentality far too frequently. Mainstream society is constantly looking for students to perform in a certain type of way, to fit a certain mold, which causes educators to devalue differences to what we "want" students to do.

    1. No number of object-lessons, got up as object-lessons for the sake of giving information, can afford even the shadow of a substitute for acquaintance with the plants and animals of the farm and garden, acquired through actual living among them and caring for them.

      This makes me think of a quote by Benjamin Franklin, "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn." I find that when we focus our efforts on involving students in the learning process, the learning is much more meaningful and lasting.

    2. The children, as they gained in strength and capacity, were gradually initiated into the mysteries of the several processes.

      I like how Dewey uses the word "mysteries" to describe the processes. What really struck me about this is that learning is a process that is most naturally initiated by curiosity. This line of the speech eludes to the fact that children were exposed to the way that the various household processes worked at the same time in which they developed a curiosity in such process. This natural learning process is one with which I wish we had more time to expose children to in a school setting.