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  1. Feb 2019
    1. She briefly became almost indistinguishable from Rose Byrne, Kate Beckinsale, or Keira Knightley.

      Wait, what? NO. NEVER.

  2. May 2018
    1. Can you imagine a lottery system?  Can you imagine it?  We take people based out of a lottery.  A lottery.  Do you think the country is putting their finest in the lottery?  I don’t think so.  I don’t think so.  All right?  Think about that.
    2. President of United States Steel

      David B. Burritt has been President and CEO of U.S. Steel since May 2017. https://www.ussteel.com/about/executive-team/david-b-burritt

    3. Congressman Jim Renacci

      Congressman Renacci represents the 16th District of Ohio https://renacci.house.gov/

  3. Jan 2018
    1. like your liver

      Of course "we" already do this. What is a detox, or a "clean" diet, if not a faddish approach to refining the liver?

  4. Oct 2017
  5. Apr 2017
    1. I don’t think people are reading long-form fiction on their phones.

      Really? Why not? These days I read almost exclusively read long form fiction on my phone. The greatest affordance is that I can read it with one hand while holding a sleeping and/or crying baby in the other arm.

  6. Mar 2017
  7. May 2016
  8. Feb 2016
    1. Kato Kaelin

      I believe there is a small slice of the American population, falling between (or perhaps overlapping) Gen X and the Millennials--those of us who were in elementary school during the OJ Simpson trial-- for whom references to Kato mainly call up the movie Clueless, which we watched 9,0000 times in the basements of our American Homes. #pubclub

      Image Description

    2. animal carcasses

      Mostly gifts from cats, yes? #pubclub

    3. Ajar.

      Raise your hand if you first encountered the word "ajar" as a small child when someone made this joke and you didn't get it. #pubclucb

    4. Use the space provided below to draw the curtains:

      Is this an instance where something is lost between the print and e versions of the book? There's no white space here for me to draw any curtains! Then again, I suppose I could just upload my drawing to this annotation. :) #pubclub

    5. A good Furnace is not unlike a good Father. It will project warmth and encourage us to relax.

      Is this what it means to be a Good Father in an American home? #pubclub

    6. Christopher Guest Room


  9. Jun 2015
    1. University of Michigan Press

      Michigan Publishing


  10. Oct 2014
    1. Annotations made by the author of a work are visibly different, so that readers may quickly recognize them (e.g. if the ORCID ID of the annotator matches that of the author, the annotation shows up in green)

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:50:12' 'Anticipated: Need issue number.'

    2. From a dashboard: ability to watch your work published all over/anywhere on the web

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:49:42' 'This should be part of stream functionality. We anticipate this. EXPLORE.']

    3. get notifications for annotations on your published articles (even if you are not the publisher).

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:49:08' 'Anticipated. (Discussed above): Issue: https://github.com/hypothesis/vision/issues/44'

    4. notifying/alerting other users in annotation (@username, +username)

      BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:47:53' 'Anticipated: (Issue number pending)'

    5. Direct/private messaging between users

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:50:32' 'This has been occasionally discussed. EXPLORE.'

    6. Profile pages?

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:45:01' 'Anticipated: https://github.com/hypothesis/vision/issues/28'

    7. Flag/report comment

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:41:32' 'Anticipated as a form of spam control above. Same functionality.'

    8. Complex filter on article pages

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:40:35' 'We are in the process of redesigning the current View/sort controls. Design notes here: https://docs.google.com/a/hypothes.is/document/d/14OzyeX6-5K3uuYvoWMhABr7JOYiBXlC0RTLKyr-Wj2E/edit'

    9. Mute thread/annotation(s)

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:50:57' 'Anticipated with any advanced notification functionality: EXPLORE.']

    10. Citation mgmt integration

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:51:06' 'EXPLORE'

    11. Orcid ID integration

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:39:21' 'This is anticipated under several ongoing implementations (arXiv, eLife, AGU) and also other proposals in process.'

    12. Ability to "watch" *any* annotation and be notified of *any* reply

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T21:16:13' 'We've discussed. EXPLORE'

    13. Notifications (when someone replies to your annotation)

      BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:39:51' 'Email notifications are implemented and about to be deployed.'

    14. permanent URI for an annotation so it could be cited or pointed to.

      Comment BY 'Rebecca Welzenbach' ON '2014-08-13T20:30:06' 'This is an existing feature of hypothes.is, or at least is meant to be--with "how permanent is permanent" being an open question...'

    15. pingbacks/trackbacks

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:53:51' 'Interesting: EXPLORE'

    16. metrics on annotations/comments

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:53:34' 'Anticipated: https://github.com/hypothesis/vision/issues/75'

    17. higher-level view (ability to view all annotations) for a publication

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:37:32' 'This is a current feature of our stream view.'

    18. If a comment is flagged by another user, report to manager

      BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T21:16:29' 'EXPLORE'

    19. moderation/deletion of annotations or comments

      BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T21:16:20' 'We've discussed. EXPLORE'

    20. spam protection/blocking

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:33:30' 'Anticipated: https://github.com/hypothesis/h/issues/825'

    21. e-mail notifications

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:32:55' 'We have reply email notifications on the short track for launch, code is already merged. Here: https://github.com/hypothesis/h/pull/1378 In terms of overall notifications (for instance, notify me of any annotation on a page), that is anticipated. Vision issue for tracking is here: https://github.com/hypothesis/vision/issues/44'

    22. All version control/track changes functionality listed above would be crucial to this phase.

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:27:01' NOTE: 'Yep.'

    23. Integrate copy editing review/mark and vocabulary standards (Chicago, MLA) and allow for shortcuts.

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' We would love to have a call about these-- perhaps a larger call w/ other partners, review these and see how they can be effectively integrated into an annotation tool like H. Is there a link to these?

    24. Support for layering annotations to versions of a document

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:24:49' 'The question is, where is the version history of the document, and how is it accessed. This is clearly an important capability, and one we've thought of often. So much depends on how the different pieces integrate-- which depends on those pieces.'

    25. Author needs to be able to respond to annotations and perhaps export those to a document/report

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:23:10' 'Yes, export of a variety of selections of annotations is a core anticipated feature. This will covered under the Sloan work above.'

    26. Do resolved annotations go away? Or are they preserved--in the hypothes.is stream?

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:22:16' 'We imagine that they will not go away, but instead will be hidden from display by default. They will be discoverable on the document or in the stream if "show resolved" is toggled on (conceptually). Some of this is covered in design notes on a currently ongoing redesign here: https://docs.google.com/a/hypothes.is/document/d/14OzyeX6-5K3uuYvoWMhABr7JOYiBXlC0RTLKyr-Wj2E/edit

    27. Alternatively, can the author go through the editor/reviewer comments and "resolve" each?

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:20:23' 'This will be one of the very first features of a set of copy-editing features. https://github.com/hypothesis/vision/issues/50'

    28. Is the revised text a brand new document?

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:19:07' 'It depends first of all whether it is a new document. For instance, if a Wordpress page is simply updated, then it's not a different document. However, different documents (at distinct URLs) can be "related" to each other. This can happen a variety of ways. Most easily through the use of rel=canonical or rel=alternate microformats in the HTML. If the revised document is related to the original, then pre-existing annotations will attempt to reanchor themselves to the original. Differences in the selections of those annotations will "show differences".'

    29. Ability to label or categorize type of comment, and filter for those

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:15:38' 'Functional now.

    30. Ability to export annotations to a report document that can be presented to an executive committee, author, or approval board.

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:15:21' 'Yes, under Sloan work'

    31. Reviewers cannot be able to see each other's comments

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T19:19:43' 'Yes, under Sloan work'

    32. Ability to easily link to other annotations within an annotation

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T19:19:01' 'EXPLORE'

    33. Ability to display a specific user's annotations/comments (show only Reviewer A's comments, hide Reviewer B's comments)

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T21:14:10' 'Yes, under Sloan work.

    34. Anonymity/aliasing for reviewers (so John Smith can be represented as Reviewer A, Sue Jones as Reviewer B, etc.).

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T19:03:58' 'This functionality is presently contemplated under work we are doing under the Sloan grant with eLife and AGU.'

    35. Use for composing endnotes/footnotes: write your notes as annotations, then have a way to convert all annotations (or selected/tagged ones) into endnotes/footnotes that are written into the docu

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T19:19:14' 'Not presently contemplated: EXPLORE.'

    36. Easy integration of bibliographic sources into annotations.

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T19:19:23' 'RE: integrating bib sources: not presently contemplated: EXPLORE'

    37. Closed/private group functionality

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T19:01:26' 'On the roadmap: https://github.com/hypothesis/vision/issues/52

    38. Ability to incorporate an annotation that is a suggested change into the text (effectively, a track changes function). Suggested anchoring to previous version.

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:19:46' 'This would require CMS integration-- and is a question of whether the platform enables it.'

    39. We can think about this directionally: It seems that the function of hypothes.is to build an increasingly dense and robust web of annotation and commentary *out* from a core text? But in the context of authoring/editing, the relationship seems much more contained and internally focused: a layer of annotation reflected back at the text, and vice versa. What are the implications of re-purposing hypothes.is in this way?

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T23:29:06' 'I don't see this as a repurposing so much as a use case of a combined set of capabilities that are core to our mission.'

    40. We feel this is a deeper and more complex issue than the question of fuzzy anchoring as a technical solution for annotating a portion of text that might change. To support annotation in the manuscript development/editorial process, the expectation and goal is for the entire document to evolve, perhaps radically. For the annotations to remain useful, Hypothes.is will need to entirely integrate with–or become!–some kind of version controlled authoring platform.

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-09-03T17:29:21' 'I think the handling of versions should be done by the underlying CMS, whether that's WP, github, gdocs, or whatever. We exist as a layer above that, but can interact with it if integrated. Not all CMSs handle versioning, and so therefore, an integrated experience may differ considerably based on the CMS or document store being used. We have notions eventually to support memento style queries for time stamped versions of a document-- and being able to go back to the version of a page at the point that an an annotation is created. I think the notion of "resolving" is potentially the right way to think about things. All annotations are always preserved (in the same way that all track changes in word are). There may be a few kinds of affordances that track changes gives you that a CMS+annotation approach do not, but this combination may allow a fair amount of functionality. Experiment and iterate.'

    41. How far can hypothes.is go (or how far does it want to go) in terms of cycling through versions and development of a manuscript? For example, in the editing process when the purpose of an annotation is to change the document, which then changes the annotations, and on and on.

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-08-13T20:12:04' 'I think a combination of fuzzy anchoring, versioning and resolution can be effective here. So, one a suggestion is made to a manuscript that is accepted, the suggestion should be "resolved", which removes it from default view (though should still be discoverable later).'

    42. WordPress integration

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-09-03T16:10:34' 'Do you mean in terms of having H. work on WP period, or in terms of having edit suggestions be able to be written back to WP and update the original source?'

    43. GitHub integration

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-09-03T16:06:56' Can you clarify what you mean by integration?'

    44. Single sign on/Integration with university login/credentials

      Comment BY 'Dan Whaley' ON '2014-09-03T18:03:55' 'Much of the SSO work will be completed shortly. Issue: https://github.com/hypothesis/vision/issues/42'

    45. Single sign on/Integration with university login/credentials

      Comment BY 'Jake Hartnell' ON '2014-09-23T22:54:10'

          * 'Annotate.' 
  11. Jul 2014
  12. May 2014
    1. Four years later, I am happily working in a library publishing shop and also working toward a degree in library and information science.

      Alix graduated from the University of Michigan's School of Information and was awarded her MSI in May 2014. Congratulations, Alix!

  13. Nov 2013
    1. In a Literary Lab project on 18th-century novels, English students study a database of nearly 2,000 early books to tease out when “romances,” “tales” and “histories” first emerged as novels, and what the different terms signified.

      This may be a reference to the Eighteenth Century Collection Online-Text Creation Partnership (ECCO-TCP) project, which transcribed and marked up in XML ~2,200 eighteenth-century books from the Eighteenth Century Collections Online database (ECCO). The ECCO-TCP corpus is in the public domain and available for anyone to use: http://www.textcreationpartnership.org/tcp-ecco/