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  1. Jun 2017
    1. o annotate especially controversial course material; and finally, due to the sensitive nature of the course material, I worked to establish trust and community so that we could respectfully disagree upon difficult matters. I strove to mitigate the ethical dilemmas of open annotation in the curated space of my classroom, but they remain in the larger context of the web

      Is there some sort of protocol that one could follow to encourage rather than discourage these kind of comments? Or is all non-curated space going to cause problems?

    2. all student work must be submitted pri-vately and/or anonymously in order to comply with FERPA

      Wow, is this right?

    3. enrolling 53 students

      What if you have a much smaller class? Would using annotation foster better class discussion or would it be alienating?

    4. replicate the open space of classroom discussion

      Replicate but what about working in tandem with classroom discussion?