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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Thus the inaugural exhibitions at the Southern Branch showcased blue-and-white porcelain objects featuring Islamic calligraphy—presented as gifts between Chinese and Persian ruling families—and Japanese and Korean ceramics, which underscore techniques shared by Chinese artisans.

      Ceramics are applied very common in ancient China, the Chinese always have research on it and also very love it.

    2. Taiwan’s underlying geopolitical strategy to decrease its dependence on Mainland China and increase its ties with the rest of Asia.

      I think China adopted a policy of one country two governance in Taiwan, this also is the big economic help to Taiwan.

    3. The inclusion of a permanent exhibition about tea culture across Asia offered an additional point of entry to residents of these counties, where tea cultivation is a major sector of the local economy.

      China's tea culture has a long history, as early as as tea horse ancient times has a great deal as exports.And the Chinese people for tea is also very love it

    4. Curators ensured that prized antiquities—such as the crowd-pleasing Jadeite Cabbage, a piece of jade carved into the form of the green vegetable—would make their rounds at the Southern Branch and attract local visitors.

      Jade is the treasure of China, green is the most precious, and the colour is brilliant. I love it touching and feeling. According to legend, it can protect our body.

    5. the project had an explicit mission to address “the cultural equity between Northern and Southern Taiwan

      North-south divide in Taiwan is not only reflected on the culture, also has the very big differences in diet and habits.

    6. As Taiwanese society grew more democratic from the 1970s onward, and as Taiwanese identity grew more distinct from Mainland China,

      In 1970s, taipei development is getting better and better. In 1970s, taipei set up Beihai Tunnel

    7. The National Palace Museum, Taipei, is recognized globally as the leading research institution for Chinese art, and the cultural objects housed in it have lent legitimacy to the Taipei government’s claims that it is the true steward of Chinese culture.

      The National Palace Museum is not the Palace Museum in Beijing, People's Republic of China. But it have nearly 700,000 pieces of ancient Chinese imperial artifacts and artworks.[](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/National_Palace_Museum

    8. The fraught United States presidential election cycle of 2016

      Donald Trump in the United States presidential election presumed victory