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  1. Oct 2021
    1. show students that individuals on the campus care about their learning as well as the factors that can either enhance or hinder their learning

      The students who graduate report that they felt so cared for at SCC (per the alumni surveys). What about the students who don't make it? Would they report the same?

    2. foster and facilitate strong relationships among students as well as with campus personnel

      How can our work facilitate this?

    3. reach out to students who are struggling ● student success teams ● early alert

      Our focus: How is this best accomplished?

    4. one-stop/hub of supports

      Can we better integrate awareness of critical services throughout our individualized areas? For example, can we ensure that students have access via QR codes, pamphlets, etc.to free resources when in the library, tutoring centers, student center, etc,?

    5. special population programs

      What special population programs do we have at SCC? Should we include them in a survey to students?

    6. connected and engaged

      Should our survey ask students about interest in clubs or study groups? It might help engagement and connection.

    7. six success factors that do contribute to students’ achievement

      These 6 factors are critical to campus culture.

    1. A STEM Student Success Team at an HSI (over 80% Latina/o/x) analyzed data and learned that:The majority of incoming biological sciences majors are placed in college algebra and trigonometry with less than 10% reaching calculus courses and about 5% transferring to a four-year university.

      Are our FOIs collecting this data? Who should be gathering this data?

    2. Bakersfield College

      This is the college highlighted in one of the articles assigned to the committee.

    3. academic and student services team that collaborates to plan and implement data-informed, equity-infused practices along the student journey.

      Hmmm...kind of sounds like our Dev Ed Committee...