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  1. Sep 2016
    1. bill failed to advance Tuesday

      I think it's really disturbing that some people are just not willing to help Flint in the time of their water crisis. Clearly, the children are greatly affected and adults too and they are facing a water crisis that will be hard to recover from without others' help. How are some so unwilling to give them a hand.

    2. Congress should quickly pass targeted funding to support Flint, Michigan, whether in the Water Resources Development Act or another vehicle.”

      It's important that they are putting Flint at a high priority. The entire country is involved, including the White House and it's clear that they want to get things done immediately.

    1. economic distress sufficient to warrant emergency management in its two largest

      It seems like it's becoming a common issue – economic distress. We see it here that it prevented the Karegnondi Water Authority of its water supply and we see it in Flint's case where the economy was declining.

    2. a story, however, of something that did work

      I like the positivity of this. In the midst of all the negativity and the problems of the crisis, good things were proven. The citizens came together and challenged to government to carry out their responsibilities.

    1. The work is far from over. Edwards sees his role as continuing to hold the government accountable to the residents of Flint. He’ll share his scientific knowledge and continue to advocate for better civil servants.

      I think it's comforting to know that he will continue to help the crisis and that he is fully aware of the patience that it requires to solve the problem.

    2. “He was critical, he showed this problem was all throughout the city and not at one person’s house,” Walters said. “I don’t think this fight would be where it was if it wasn’t for Marc.”

      I think we can say that Edwards was really the superhero here. He brought all his knowledge to the table and more importantly, he got people's attention.

    1. result.

      I think these two paragraphs were very shocking. I never thought about it in that way. The flint crisis sets itself apart from other lead poisoning because it could have been avoided. I think that just makes this crisis more horrendous than it already is – the fact that it didn't have to happen.

    2. In parts of Flint, the percentage of children with high levels of lead in their blood doubled after the switch.

      This makes me think about the water that I drink. It creates this cynicism, my disbelief in our cities to treat water properly and the sate to test it thoroughly. The effects of it are clearly threatening, especially when here when the levels of lead is doubled after the switch was made.

    3. And the effects of lead poisoning on the city's children will last a lifetime.

      I find this very disturbing as this crisis is not temporary, it will last a lifetime and children are highly affected. Even if the problem is solved, the effects will never go away. I also find this hard to believe. Is there really no cure to the lead poisoning in children?