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  1. Jan 2022
    1. No instinct for cruelty, like some.

      referring to husband?

    2. .

      is ribbon a symbol of same-sex attraction?

    3. We do not discuss the specific fears of raising a girl-child.

      consistent with themes of women's safety/privacy/independence

    4. I desperately want to know what state of need has sent her to disrobe before us

      ironic that she is sexually liberated in her own life but judges the model

    5. My son touches my ribbon, but never in a way that makes me afraid

      males =/= danger to ribbon (necessarily)

    6. No ribbon. A boy. I begin to weep

      relationship between the ribbon and girls

    7. As it turns out, being right was the third, and worst, mistake.


    8. sexual encounters only happening in public spaces

    9. (If you read this story out loud, the sounds of the clearing can be best reproduced by taking a deep breath and holding it for a long moment. Then release the air all at once, permitting your chest to collapse like a block tower knocked to the ground. Do this again, and again, shortening the time between the held breath and the release.)

      big emphasis on the oral telling of the story and that it is correctly read

    10. – No.

      why can't he touch it?

    11. ribbon

      ribbon as a symbol/motif

    1. “Life is just a circle of destruction,” she adds, shaking her head.


    2. I’ve always been a little in love with my best friend.

      is main character part of lgbt community

    3. We have stopped seeing each other as people, as fellow travelers on this dying earth; we just see a gig or an economy.


    4. possible theme of ignoring societal norms = allows unorthodox good things to happen

    5. ***Marco Polo***

      these little headings indicate are important

    1. Are the vittra universally understandable as the intended symbol/motif, or must one be familiar with Swedish culture to fully comprehend their presence in the story?

    2. references to old village lifestyle but also modern events/items

      • set in 90s
    3. motif of red

    4. theme of curse/disease/vittra blood in the family

    5. vittra - gnome, Swedish