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  1. Aug 2015
    1. brought up to full-load conditions without changing thespeed. Vertical lines with numbers indicate both the tim-ing of piston instrumentation data acquisition and thedata cycle number. Five consecutive samples of pistoninstrumentation data, except for temperature, were av-eraged to represent the one-cycle data. A total of 82cycles of data (limited by the data acquisition system'smemory space) were continuously a


    2. Only a limited understanding of the oil consumptionmechanism appears to exist, especially oil consumptionunder transient engine operating condition

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    1. Only a limited understanding of the oil consumption mechanism appears to exist, especially oil consumption under transient engine operating conditions. This is probably due to the difficulty in engine instrumentation for measuring not only oil consumption, but also for measuring the associated in-cylinder variables. Because of this difficulty, a relatively large number of experiments and tests are often necessary for the development of each engine design in order to achieve the target oil consumption that meets the requirements for particulate emissions standards, oil economy, and engine reliability and durability.

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