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  1. Aug 2017
    1. Assuming your files are in equityfolder,

      DHbox Is not recognising the comand ?

    2. nd learn the basics of R within R

      How do you use Rstudio? with the DH box How do you Integrate the two of them once you have Rstudio on your computer?

    1. ASSESSING DIGITIZATION QUALITY:This interactive visualization plots a quantitative survey of our newspaper corpus. Users of this interface can plot the quantity of information by geography and time periods, using both to survey the amount of information available for any given time and place. This is available both at the macro-level (that is, Texas as a region) and the micro-level (by diving into the quantity and quality of individual newspaper titles), and can be tailored to any date range covered by the corpus.

      How can it be tailored to be at a macro for users and still cover all date ranges? With out dividing out possible prospects.

    1. We'll use regex to massage the information into a format that we can then use to generate a social network of letter writers over time.

      is the address given the one of the destination or the of the sender?

  2. Jul 2017
    1. Ta da!

      Are we suppose to have this much? for a purpose are we using all of these file for something in the future or are we just downloading for and exercise?

    2. odge it in your repository.

      I am still confused on how to do this?

    3. ure is done by year and month a quicker route might be to just run the original wget command ten times, changing the folder each time

      I have tried changing the years in the 1880's and it keeps coming up with not found errors does any one else have this issue? I did get 1883 and 84.

    4. Using the nano text editor in your DHBox

      Is there any way you can make a video on this exercise Dr. graham?#helpful-videos There seems to be a few other students who may benefit from it as well.

    1. Re-read your page and highlight / colour the following things:

      When we are looking to ill in this information are we allowed to look in the rest of the leaflet for this information? or are we only allowed to look at this one page?

    1. Git i

      Is Git for up loading loading files or is it for changing web presents like we do on the DHbox? or both.

    1. Highlights can be created by clicking the button. Try it on this sentence.