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  1. Apr 2020
  2. Apr 2019
    1. The agency is looking for industry vendors that can provide such a capability, which should also include “topic modeling; text categorization; text clustering; information extraction; named entity resolution; relationship extraction; sentiment analysis; and summarization,” and “may include statistical techniques that can provide a general understanding of the statutory and regulatory text as a whole.”

      AI is going to be used to help employees understand regulations. This is a good example to how AI is going to help us do our jobs better but it will also be risk of the employees missing out on crucial exposure and experience and in the end relying too much on the machine?

  3. Sep 2018
    1. “We’ll use the same set of principles that have driven Amazon,” he explains, encouragingly. “The child will be the customer.” Mmm. Customers who bought this nonsense also bought the line that Elon Musk is a humanitarian, and that Mark Zuckerberg went to crucial early-primary states last year because he wanted to “share stories” with ordinary Americans.

      Philanthropy is good but as with everything is has to start at home i.e. giving employees decent living wages and paying taxes