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  1. Mar 2016
    1. tutorial_compostion

      Is the 'i' in composition meant to be missing here? If copying and pasting, it creates two .txt files from this and the next command where composition is spelled correctly

  2. Feb 2016
    1. Replace

      Might make more sense to word the instructions "search for"..."replace with" rather than "replace"..."with" to match the style that LibreOffice uses

    2. /

      A bit confusing to use "</t>" as a distinguishable text marker for first time users as it is too close to the tab regular expression for LibreOffice, <\t>

    1. help

      This is confusing for Windows users following the tutorial. Does help pwd bring up the same options as in OS X/Linux? What about help ls, which didn't work using GitBash on Windows, rather ls --help brought up the manual options similar to man ls in OS X/Linux.