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  1. Oct 2017
      • Data in non-rivalrous resource
      • Data poor to data rich in 3 years
      • Need strategic view to use data
      • Issues -
        • Data colonization - data being ruled by someone else
        • Privacy
        • Winner takes all
      • Invert the data - putting the creator of data in centre of his/her own data, data to empower the user.
      • Privacy - Ensure your data is not being abused by policy and technology.
      • Data based lending
      • Data based skill rating and payments
      • Ensuring data democracy
        • Legal right of public over public data
        • Require standard protocols and Formats for release of data (Giving back data by bank, telecom, healthcare, etc.)
        • Liberate private data via policy - Getting my own data back
  2. Dec 2016