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  1. May 2017
    1. Affinity 1

      Hi Mike, great job! I thought your presentation was very organized and professional looking. I thought your title cards really added to the good organization of it. I appreciated the overview you gave of the actual game in the very beginning of your presentation, in case viewers were not familiar with the game. Like you, I also like old-school 2D games, so it was pretty interesting to see this game, as I was unfamiliar with it until now. I also love sandbox games, so I think this is one I will probably be checking out soon. The affinity space, terraria.org, looks to be a very good space. I was impressed with the Wiki content for users, and how useful it must be for new users especially. It was also nice to see an active, lively community. Well done!

    1. What did the Affinity Space Teach Me?

      Melanie, I thought your presentation was wonderful. I have been playing around with reddit for a couple of months and love it. In fact, I just came across an instructional design subreddit a couple of days ago and realized how valuable this website is for so many people. I was very interested in how math educators come together on the subreddit you covered in your presentation - very cool! This seems like a very rich tool for math teachers and a goldmine for ideas to incorporate in one's own job. I really appreciated how you tied your blog post updates into your presentation. I think so far it's been the only one I have seen that has done that. Well done! S. Gill

  2. Apr 2017
    1. to playfully explore mathematics featured in the everyday activities of people

      Do you think incorporating everyday activities into math education is a good way for students of all ages to learn? There seems to have always been criticism among students that what they are learning in math class will never be applied to anything in real life. Thoughts?