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  1. Apr 2020
    1. We need equality and justice.

      And we express this need of equality and justice through the word "diversity."

    2. the liberal goal is not to promote difference for difference’s sake, but to end bigotry

      the liberal goal (of the word diversity)

    3. Hollywood narratives also have to avoid stereotypes and bigotry

      So, when people want more "diversity," this is what they really mean

    4. prompted some on social media to mutter that it lacked diversity because it mostly featured black actors


    5. Diversity celebrates that difference but also accepts it.

      In other words, diversity points it right in the face, laughs and says "no offense, but..."

    6. The word therefore implies that what’s normal is white, male, hetero, cis

      Yep. Though, I can't help but wonder- is this also the case in other countries? Are they as concerned about making things "fair" for the different cultures/ ethnicities/ races/ sexes in their countries? Or are we the only one's worried about this diversity? Also, does embracing diversity diminish the "American Dream?"

    7. minimal decency

      .... and more than this should be embraced. Maximum decency would be nice for a change.

    8. actually asking the media, employers, schools and society in general not to discriminate against them

      mmmhhmm.. exactly how the word is a euphemism.

    9. euphemism

      "a mild or indirect word or expression substituted for one considered to be too harsh or blunt when referring to something unpleasant or embarrassing." ... yep

    10. Diversity indicates more rather than less, additional options rather than fewer.

      In EVERy case this seems to be true- it seems that things can almost always be more diverse.

    11. A recent study found that films with diverse casts do better than films with casts that are less diverse.

      Probably because this expands the interested audience, making the production not only more diverse, but more money.

  2. Sep 2019
    1. “We’ve begun to raise daughters more like sons... but few have the courage to raise our sons more like our daughters.”

      SO true! Girls are told to be more tough these days, more handy, more independent! Boys aren't allowed to be sensitive, they aren't allowed to "act like a girl" in any way. It's sad!

    2. I am not a maker. In a framing and value system is about creating artifacts, specifically ones you can sell, I am a less valuable human.

      I disagree! Just because one is not a "maker," does not mean they are less valuable as a human.):

    3. We call the latter "education," and it’s mostly done by underpaid, undervalued women.

      Hmmm... I would have to disagree

    4. Describing oneself as a maker—regardless of what one actually or mostly does—is a way of accruing to oneself the gendered, capitalist benefits of being a person who makes products.

      So, basically.. anyone who works... is a maker? Im a little confused

    5. “People who make things are simply different [read: better] than those who don’t.”

      I have never heard of this so-called "widespread idea"

    6. I’m uncomfortable with any culture that encourages you take on an entire identity, rather than to express a facet of your own identity

      I completely understand where the author, Debbie Chachra, is coming from. I strongly believe that no one should have a label, but rather live how they want to, and let others form their own opinions without the help of a label.