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  1. Dec 2021
    1. Hypothesis syncs annotations across copies of the same PDF based on a “fingerprint” or unique ID.

      This is awesome!

    1. the five Cs

      Category and Context indicate the relevance Correctness indicates the validity Contributions indicates the value Clarity indicates the quality

    2. In the second pass, read the paper with greater care, butignore details such as proofs.

      The objective is to get an overall grasp of the content, sufficient to allow you to summarize effectively with supporting evidence.

      You should gain enough familiarity to determine where additional effort to understand the details is warranted.

      You are also looking for evidence of quality (or lack thereof) that might color your impressions of the overall value.

    3. The first pass is a quick scan to get a bird’s-eye view ofthe paper.

      Initial screening of the document, based on front-matter, end-matter, introduction, and conclusions.

      You are evaluating the relevance, validity, quality, and ultimate value of the document to your knowledge base. If your evaluation is favorable, you can be relatively confident that spending more time to go through the document in more detail (second pass) will be worthwhile.

    1. On OS X, you can access your system clipboard

      How do you achieve this functionality under GNU/Linux operating systems?