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  1. Oct 2018
    1. Some philosophers think there is an important distinction between "knowing that" (know a concept), "knowing how" (understand an operation), and "acquaintance-knowledge" (know by relation), with epistemology being primarily concerned with the first of these.[10]

      In my opinion, this is the sequence of that people how to obtian the knowledge.

  2. www.newmedialiteracies.org www.newmedialiteracies.org
    1. Theseskillsbuildonthefoundationoftradi-tionalliteracy,researchskills,technicalskills,andcriticalanalysisskillstaughtintheclassroom.

      So that's mean the educator use new media to motivate/engage learners to learn more traditional literacy?

    2. Participatorycultureshiftsthefocusofliteracyfromoneofindi-vidualexpressiontocommunityinvolvement.

      Yes, many blog forms were emeried such as ins, facebook, blog. even some online class educator who perfer to use "blog form" as a teaching method.

  3. Aug 2018