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  1. Oct 2018
    1. Page 7 and 8: examples of strong visual arguments in ads, and effectiveness of consumerism

    2. Page 3: Certain casual properties are supervenient on certain visual properties, which thus affect their viewers in predictable ways. colors invoke feeling of warmth or coolness, or subjects evoking feelings and emotions. certain scenery. Effectiveness of visual communication does not reduce it to verbal communication.

    3. Page 3: Visual communication vs verbal communication. visual is not a reduction of the verbal communication, but stands on its own feet. Visual communication may entail the use of conventions, as exemplified by rich visual symbolism to be found in medieval church sculpture and stained glass images. conventionalized images. Non verbal communication.

    4. Page 2: The explicit properties of arguments are the following: 1) there is a claim: something has to be believed, chosen, or done 2) there is a reason for claim: something supporting what is to be believed, chosen, or done 3) the reasons are overtly expressed 4) the claim is linguistically explicable 5) there is attempt to comminicate the claim and reasons

  2. Sep 2018