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  1. May 2016
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    1. And soon to you

      As far as the rhythm : the patterns of accents heard in regularly recurring measures of stressed and unstressed beats at the frequency of the music's pulse. ( like singing sort of ). he builds up these musical dynamics to the grim conclusion.

    2. un

      un : unstressed kind : stressed ness : unstressed

    3. sha

      shak : unstressed en : stressed

    4. by my

      by : unstressed my : stressed

    5. you were

      you : unstressed were : stressed

    6. For if

      for : unstressed if : stressed

    7. mmer'd steel

      mmer'd : unstressed steel : stressed

    8. or ha

      or : unstressed ha : stressed

    9. my nerves

      my : unstressed nerves : stressed

    10. But that your trespass now becomes a fee;

      He knows what he did was insanely wrong, but he feels better knowing that the other person was wrong first. < me too shakespeare

    11. That you

      From the sonnet I identified the rhyme scheme form in this sonnet as : abab cdcd efef gg

    12. Needs must I under my transgression bo

      what goes around comes around..

    13. l

      un : unstressed less : stressed

    14. were brass

      were : unstressed brass : stressed

    15. my unkindness shaken

      It's beneficial that the friend was mean to him before. But he did the same exact thing back. Now he feels guilty because he never apologized. He now believes that they are even. True love because: He was hurt. He did it back to his friend. More of a friendship type of relationship.

    16. fits!

      kinda rad yet kinda sad

    17. unkind befriends


    18. O, that our night of woe might have remember'd My deepest sense, how hard true sorrow hits

      Basically, Shakespeare is saying that both parties have suffered. The pain that he caused on the other person, is eased because of what they did to him. They are sharing the pain. Thematic Statement, you ask? : Sometimes, when you hurt someone, it will become a double-edged sword and hurt you back.

    19. To weigh how once I suffered in your crime

      There is a definite rhyme scheme. It's a very modern perspective. ("You got what you deserved" or Now we're even")

    20. a hell of time,

      I think in his heart , Shakespeare doesn't feel THAT bad. (Diction: "you've passed a hell of time")

    21. As I by yours, you've pass'd a hell of time,

      EXTREME VOLTA, ha.

    22. SONNET CXX

      this sonnet i am pretty sure highlights an event most of us through coming of age have been experienced to, I know I have went through such event. this seems like a sonnet for the youth to be addressed.

    23. Mine ransoms yours, and yours must ransom me.

      a victim of betrayal this one is

    1. The issues of leadership, belonging and national identity are Shakespearean questions, and Shakespeare is the place where we fight about ‘Who is an American?’”


    2. Hamilton

      what a show

    3. The revolution changed everything

      Did it really? I mean Les Misérables didn't go so well. Oh wait never mind I see. True true. Revolution. Slavery would not be abolished for another hundred years, but the Revolution saw the dawn of an organized abolitionist movement. English traditions such as land inheritance laws were swept away almost immediately. The Anglican Church in America could no longer survive. After all, the official head of the Church of England was the British monarch. States experimented with republican ideas when drafting their own constitutions during the war. All these major changes would be felt by Americans before the dawn of the nineteenth century.

      The American Revolution produced a new outlook among its people that would have ramifications long into the future. Groups excluded from immediate equality such as slaves and women would draw their later inspirations from revolutionary sentiments. Americans began to feel that their fight for liberty was a global fight. Future democracies would model their governments on ours. There are few events that would shake the world order like the success of the American patriotic cause. From slavery to women's rights, from religious life to voting, American attitudes would be forever changed.Interesting how Shakespeare was about part of that.