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  1. Feb 2021
    1. I see Miss Prism as a funny woman and not a serious wise tutor

    2. Cecily is facinated with Ernest

    3. Algernon or Fake Ernest is fllirting with Cecily and he said she looks good but Cecily replies saying that she doesn't like sensitive men

    4. Wilde has a style of writing where he makes readers think that something will happen however he changes our thoughts and the opposite happens

    5. Algernon pretending to be Jacks brother is such a stupid action to make

    6. The irony in the play brings a comparison between appearances and life against society and what society implies.

    7. Looks like Cecily rathers read or write in her diary other than learning german

    8. Well, it seems that Algernon and Cecily kind of flirts with each other at some point...

    9. Mr Ernest who is actually Algernon pretending to be jack s "brother" meets cecily

    10. Seems that the focus until now in Act II is more on Cecilys life and thoughts

    11. Cecily wishes Jack would "allow"Ernest to visit her sometime...when will this lie end?

    12. Miss Prism is pushing german lessons towards Cecily and she gets kind of angry with the situation, we can notice with the change of tone

    13. My class read the picture of dorian gray and the author is very very good and the book itself is super intresting

    14. Wow! Know Gwendolen seems mad, like a angry tone. Saying they can't be married

    15. Cecily and Gwendolen are about the same age?

    16. what does jack mean about " “the truth isn’t quite the sort of thing one tells to a nice, sweet, refined girl”

    17. After Jack telling Lady Bracknell what he owns, she looked like she had more intrest in Gwendolen marrying Jack

    18. At this point of the story, Lady Bracknell has a tone that she doesn't like that Gwendolen is getting married.

    19. WHen Gwendolen says "I hope you will always look at me just like that, especially when there are people around"does that mean that she might feel insecure with others around him?

    20. Does Jack really love her? I dont trust him

    21. Now that Jack and Gwendolen are alone in a room with out Lady Bracknell he is starting to approach her about how he feels abot her... Does he really have feeling?

    22. Angry because there are no cucumbers?

    23. In page 15, Jack has a bunch of plans for his life like marrying a charming girl then killing his brother. It seems that maybe he might be telling some lies

    24. Ironic tone

    25. Well, Cecily is and old lady! And the tone of their conversation sometimes feels arrogant with each other but then it seems a talk between friends

    26. Algeronon in page 9 is saying that Jack speaks like they are already married with Gwendolen. And she is Algernon's cousin and he is saying to jack that he needs to clear up something with Cecily? Maybe it is a woman that he related before

    27. Gwendolen and Jack - Jack loves her and wwants to propose and the way jack talks about her it seems that she is a very sophisticated woman

    28. Algernon sees as the second most important character and as of now he looks like those thypes of character that are charming, however can be very selfish

    29. Lane seems like a kind manservent and his tone in the play is very polite and delicate in a way

    30. I'm sorry for that, for your sake. I don'tplay accurately — any one can play accurately — but Iplay with a wonderful expression

      At the beginning of the first act, we can start to understand and get to know the tone of the play and how each character rolls.