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  1. Mar 2020
    1. You can tag public or shared resources, but the tags you assign are available only to your AWS account and not to the other accounts sharing the resource.

      tags on AMI cannot be used for search across accounts

  2. Dec 2019
    1. The Magic of Twitter“Twitter is the most amazing networking and learning network ever built.For someone whose pursuing their dream job, or chasing a group of mentors or peers, it’s remarkable. In any given field, 50-80% of the top experts in that field are on Twitter and they’re sharing ideas, and you can connect to them or follow them in your personal feed.If you get lucky enough and say something they find interesting, they might follow you, and the reason this becomes super interesting is that unlocks direct message, and now all of a sudden you can communicate directly or electronically with that individual. Very, very powerful.If you’re not using Twitter, you’re missing out.” — Bill Gurley