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  1. Feb 2018
    1. Recent Additions

      This is a neat way to share what kind of content is found through this site. It shows recent additions, so if people were just looking around they can go through them. The only problem with this is that this site seems like a place you would go if you were already looking into a particular topic.

    2. Home Subjects States Time Periods Primary Source Types Map All Collections

      I really like that you can access everything from this top menu bar. I think it makes it easier to navigate and really want something like it for Karina and I's project site.

    3. 700 digital collections

      There is a ton of information you can find through this site, which I thought was really impressive. If I was ever looking for primary sources for a women's history project, I would probably use this site.

    4. interactive map

      This is the part of the site I went to first because I really wanted to see how this digital feature works. We were thinking about creating something similar for our site, so I wanted to see how extensive it is. It was a big reason I was drawn to this site.

    5. Search

      I think this search bar is a nice feature because if someone is looking at information on a particular time period or person this would be an easy way for them to look through the site. And there is even an advanced search option.

    6. Discovering American Women's History Online

      What brought me to the site was my interest in this particular topic. Out of all the one's I looked at, this site seemed to be the most developed.