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  1. Dec 2017
    1. Logging

      Saurabh - I know this section is yet to be written, but is there a logging library you would recommend for beginners?

    1. stack install

      According to their latest README this only works on GHC 8.2.2 (not 8.2.1, 8.0.2). Which GHC version does this book recommend/ assume at the moment?

    2. we recommend simply using the same LTS because it is simpler and is guaranteed to work

      What are the instructions on ensuring this?

    3. --resolver=lts-9.14

      Why use a specific resolver, and not the default?

    1. Pagination

      Interesting exercise. Would be nice if there was a test case to thoroughly test the solution. Or is it outside the scope?

    1. companName


    2. Note

      Would a side note about Hoogle be useful here?

    3. Tip

      Rename Tip -> Learning goal ?

    4. pattern-matching

      Normally we don't put a hyphen in here.

    5. type-polymorphism

      Why 'type polymorphism' as opposed to just 'polymorphism'?

    1. a real term

      The real term is 'tail recursion', no?

    2. insert indentation rules here

      Need to talk about auto-formatting/ auto-indentation by VSCode and Spacemacs.

    3. read

      read about?

    1. In later chapters we go back to the problems of earlier chapters and try solving them with the new techniques just introduced.

      Ah, interesting. This should be fun! :-)

    2. Btw, this is done brilliantly by SICP, but unforunately, it uses Scheme, which is not typed and is mutable.

      This may be unsolicited feedback, but I enjoy rewriting sentences some times :-) I'd write it as: SICP does this brilliantly, however it uses Scheme which is dynamically typed and mutable

    3. ,

      Remove the comma

    4. Tweet

      Saurabh - you mean we can publish links to this book publicly? I thought you wanted to keep this link secret to withhold public criticism for a while?

    5. existing blog posts

      Their content might need to be cached in case of linkrot.

    6. How is this different?

      There are 4 distinct observations in this section. For easy reading they should be bulleted from 1 to 4.

    7. design of Haskell programs

      An example of this, perhaps somewhere further inside the book, (with a reference to it in the preface here) would be appreciated.

    8. launching into a tangent

      The idiom you are looking for is going on a tangent

    9. Another observation

      I don't particular understand this sentence. Research-y ideas - I get, but how does this apply to gotchas and pitfalls?

    10. common tasks

      An example here (briefly mentioned within parentheses) would be useful.

    11. it was too verbose

      I totally agree as well. Even trying to skim it got to the point of being annoying. With Julie being the coauthor I figured they wrote the book for absolute beginners and not established programmers.

  2. Jul 2017
    1. the qualities pertaining to the properties of the form

      Testing public annotations (from iOS Safari browser)