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  1. May 2022
    1. particular

      in particular ?

    2. are possible

      are possible within yt, or just possible in general?

    3. supports

      support or supporting

    4. A spatial tree is constructed, wherein parent/child relationships are established between grids.

      So this is what is actually done, not the attempted method? Worth making very clear.

    5. below).

      probably want to specify the section.

    6. susbtantial


    7. dask

      Does dask need to be defined? Need to check above.

    8. This collection of three classes of fields

      hanging sentence

    9. researcher

      a researcher or researchers

    10. in i

      In the published version, will all the section numbers be in the titles? I realized that I did not know what section I was in, nor what was.

  2. Apr 2022
    1. 2 a

      Table 2

    2. A selection

      I think some more explanation of this figure could be useful. Like the lines are (probably) showing different levels of refinement. What is black versus grey? This would also probably help for why the box selector region is not actually a box.

    3. Future developments

      Does this belong here or in the Future Directions subsection. Haven't gotten there yet, but wanted to make a note.

    4. enumerate


    5. Implemented shortly after the first paper on yt was released, the YTEP process experienced a fairly pronounced period of usage during the transition between versions 2.0 and 3.0 of yt, and has since been utilized considerably less.

      Move this to after the second-to-last sentence in this paragraph, and then have this sentence and "The accepted YTEPs have included..." into their own paragraph that ends with "Below, we include a table..."

      This way the first paragraph is all about what a YTEP is, and the second paragraph is how we have used it in yt.

    6. Linting

      I still wasn't able to really get what "linting" is from this section.

    7. proeminently

      prominently I think

    8. linting

      Is this a totally obvious word to most readers? I don't know what it means.

    9. Drafting an enhancement proposal Closing bug reports

      Without much experience looking at our developer community, I would have thought that these would be swapped.

    10. cite something here

      I found this github page that has some good references on these points. Can look at in more detail if you want! https://github.com/gvwilson/10-newcomers

    11. The single biggest change

      However, the single biggest update/addition