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  1. Nov 2017
    1. * Some of the terms used in this table being subject to a difference of acceptation, it is proper to define the meaning and comprehension intended to be given them here.

      I find it pretty cool that they took the time to define and explain each subject. I think most people would not consider this important or necessary, but it shows once again the immense amount of detail and planning that went into the founding of UVA. This university is the direct result of a vision by Jefferson and the others who signed the document, and I think it's pretty crazy to see how we get to live out that vision still to this day.

    2. Geography

      I found the fact that geography was included in this list for two reasons. The first is that it was included in the Physics-Mathematics section. When I think of geography today, I would think it belongs more with subjects such as history and social studies. The second reason this stood out to me is that geography is no longer a subject that is really taught in public education. If it was originally included, then I wonder what happened that made it less prominent, esepcially because geography is super important to know and something that most Americans are embrassingly not good at.

  2. Sep 2017
    1. for the wisdom & discretion of the visitors to devise & perfect a proper system of governmen

      This section stood out to me because of how true it remains today. The university continually emphasizes student self governance, and it can be seen in almost every aspect of student life here. I guess I never really thought about how this started at UVA, but I never would have thought it would be written into a document like this one. I love that the students here are still following the intent of the founders of the University, and that it remains at the heart of what UVA is all about.

    2. Rockfish Gap

      I wonder why this report was named the Rockfish Gap Report. Wikipedia says that the Rockfish Gap is a wind gap, and it defines a wind gap as "a gap through which a waterway once flowed that is now dry as a result of stream capture." It seems odd that such an important document and one that relates to education would be named after a wind gap in Virginia. Although this title might make sense practically, because of where the meeting was held (1st sentence of the report), I would have thought a more useful title for the report would have been adopted.