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  1. Nov 2015
    1. What must be preserved when a work of electronic literature is carried across to a new platform: the work’s interface? Its narrative or themes? Its interactivity? Its aesthetic design? The underlying algorithms? The constraints of the original? And should the port try to improve upon the original?

      I definitely think this is the challenge of this final project. Translation as a concept is just so tricky, especially when it comes to aesthetic riddled texts. Translators often have to pick certain elements like this and stick with them. This is why when reading ancient texts like Beowulf and the Oddessey, which translation you read definitely matters.

  2. Oct 2015
    1. this definition seems overly limiting to me, seeing as he seems to focus more specifically on either hypertext or text graphics (fonts, colors, spacing, sizing, elements, etc) that are controlled by mathemetical algorithms. his definition to me at once feels too limiting and too vague- he starts talking about video games, and while i think video games are an art form in and of themselves and can contain e-literature, i'm not sure that they themselves qualify unless the game is a text based adventure.

    1. "literary works created with the use of a computer for the electronic medium such that they cannot be experienced in any meaningful way without the mediation of an electronic device"

      i love this definition! it really puts emphasis on distinguishing it from other more traditional aspects or kinds of literature and shows how vital the digital playground is in constructing/generating e-lit. the digital element takes center stage here and it's what elevates the written experience to new heights.

    1. huh, this definition is really fascinating! I love the idea of an interactive poem that's generated partially by a computer based on responses it gets to prompts given to the user. for example, a site could ask a user to input some emotions they're having, or describe the situation that they're the most emotionally moved by at the moment, and then the site coule start crafting an individual poem based on those answers. i would love to see that! digital is just such a fascinating format for poetry, or any other sort of writing that moves you emotionally and is highly individualistic.