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  1. Sep 2016
    1. he personal sense asso-ciated with diaries also enabled “blogger” to emerge as a category, even a professional identity, letting us think of blogs as character vehicles.

      In high school I was an avid reader of a few lifestyle blogs and over time the bloggers would follow me back after gaining a relationship through comments and still follow each other today

    1. Talk about the things you love

      I think it's important to find your own voice and express yourself or your ideas. If not you will slowly become another "sheep" into today's society. So if you find something you love and are passionate about then you can find your voice and speak!

    2. The way to be able to take a punch is to practice getting hit a lot.

      I find just this one line to be extremely powerful. If no one ever took chances and tried new things along with putting themselves out there I think society as a whole would be less developed and educated. Our parents always tell us to take risks and be ourselves and this line captures that perfectly.