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  1. Sep 2019
    1. ITS In the ITS division, we work toward our vision of supporting an engaged campus where technology is easy to learn and fun to use, with services that are simply delightful! To that end, in support of all of our students, faculty, and staff, we manage and maintain the college's computer hardware, software, and audio-visual systems, including the computer labs, classroom technology, and more. We facilitate the use of computer hardware, software, and networks by providing support and training to the college community.

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  2. Jul 2019
    1. The internet grows, all internet platforms grow, on the addition of content.

      Can the internet only grow? are there ways of shaping the internet that aren’t “adding” to it?

      I don’t disagree that the internet basically just grows, but it’s been something I’ve thought about more and more lately, I don’t really have any evidence against this, I just want to ask the question!

  3. Jan 2019
    1. “adulting” do often come off as privileged astonishment at the realities of, well, life

      My friends and I have been using the expression "adulting" for years, and in my experience we usually use it tongue in cheek. Its typically used in recognition that we are privileged to be going through certain challenges for the first time.

      I remember telling my then girlfriend (now wife) "adulting is hard" in response to her asking how my first day of my first full-time job went after college went. I wasn't expressing that I didn't want to continue working, simply that I was tired after a long day.

      I realize that this might just be my social circle but I think expressions like this are often taken more seriously than they should.

    2. “But what’ll I tell my parents?”

      I see this sentiment so often both as someone who used to teach in a high school, and someone who works in higher ed now.

      During their undergrad students are encouraged to both "explore and figure things out" and "major in something that will get you a job" by different groups of people. They hear these two conflicting messages at the same time. For many students these two sentiments reflect two entirely different college experiences.