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  1. Sep 2019
    1. “The mistake is to confuse career success, financial success and reputation with happiness,”

      i'm suffering because of this

    2. Communication — clear writing, cogent speaking

      i thought about switching my major to communication for this very reason. i just want to be able to talk and get through people

    3. how a student goes to school matters much, much more than where.

      this is great

    4. Those at four-year institutions often don’t participate in the romantic ideal of nurturing dormitories and verdant quadrangles. They live with parents. They pray for parking.

      this is true for me

    1. In college, that’s reversed

      so that's 80% on homework and 20% on academic time?

    2. are juggling more distractions than ever. They work more hours outside of class, they are more likely to commute and have family responsibilities, and now there’s social media vying for their attention

      I relate so hard to "working more hours" and "commuting"; but most of all "social media vying for attention". I have heard that smart phone companies are going to make their products more addicting.

    3. Studies have found that students who don’t become involved in campus life, whether through friendship networks, clubs or sports, are more likely to drop out

      Because I don't live on-campus or in the city, I have to go the extra mile and really put myself out there to REALLY be a part of the community

    4. Colleges have begun to address the problem by pushing students to declare majors earlier,

      This is helpful for colleges to do. Although, it might feel rushed for some people

    5. We think we’re doing them a favor by letting them explore without guidance, but we’re really steering them away from success.

      I don't think exploring our choices is a bad thing, it could be a learning experience. I believe college is an introduction to adult hood (besides puberty), students should be able to explore and experiment, and colleges should assist them. College nowadays leaves no room for students to make mistakes. It's expensive, and on top of that-- I believe the college system could be better. However, this phrase makes me think that Tom Sugar doesn't believe in the students. We need to find ourselves and what we want to do with our lives. Having a college advisor on our ass steering us in the right direction the whole time interfere with our decision making choices.

    6. We think what they want is flexibility, but actually what they need is structure

      this is true for me, I do want flexibility to take as many classes as possible because I have seen a lot of interesting classes that is not related to my major

    7. The problem is magnified if a prerequisite is offered only in the fall. Missing one means waiting a full year.

      i wonder if some sf state's prerequisite is only in the fall? that would be a problem to those who are already behind on their major requirements

    8. Picking courses can make students feel like kids in a candy store — there are so many possibilities.

      this analogy is very lovely

    9. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure whether credits will transfer to a new college is to ask

      that's unfortunate alright

    10. A university may accept the credits, but the department of the student’s major may not — and at most colleges, the decision rests with the department.

      its unfair how college advisors tell low-income students to do community then transfer for the interest of money but the students ended up spending more than they were told just to make up the unacceptable credits

    11. Students can take up to 18 credits for the price of 12

      damn, if I wasn't working and I got hella grants. I'd be taking 18 units right now

    12. Some universities, too, are offering incentives to keep students from working too much

      this is great, students can then focus on their studies more

    13. But by working instead of studying, they may find it more difficult to graduate on time.”

      I, too, also worry about money. I work on average 18 hours a week. However, I carefully planned my workdays to fit right into my school schedule so it isn't too bad.

      I do be studying a whole lot too, so I think I'm good.

    14. entire generation is buckling under its weight.

      college is so expensive now, it's crazy.

    15. most say it’s because of money.

      I relate to this so hard. If it wasn't for my grants and scholarships, I don't think I'd be able to go to college. Also, if it takes me more than four years to graduate and I don't have the fund for another year, I would drop out too.

    16. A quarter of students drop out after four years,

      oh man this sucks:(

    1. “both the qualitative and quantitative findings

      omg i'm learning about this in stat

    2. he simple realization that they can "make a difference" that often ignites a sense of social engagement within students

      this sentence sounds really pretty, so I'm just gonna highlight it

    3. etention (

      means "the action of absorbing and continuing to hold a substance"

      in a classroom settings, it would be holding informations for quizzes and tests

    4. ometimes the costs of the CSL experience for the organization and for the students outweigh the benefits if the experiences are not long enough to allow for proper implementation and reflection.

      they're saying if we don't volunteer enough, we don't get maximum mental benefits.

      cost: as in time and money(for transportation)

    5. Another research study examining the effects of CSL on exam scores and emotional empathy of students in a life-span development course, found that students who partook in the service-learning project options instead of an interview project and a research paper scored significantly higher to those who completed the non-CSL choices on all but their first exam and they demonstrated a significant increase in emotional empathy as measured by the Emotional Empathetic Tendency Scale

      this whole sentence confuses me...

    6. student participation in service-learning courses had only modest effects on students’ civic participation and life skills, but no effects on their academic and career development

      this study is kinda going against other studies that we just read through.. what's going on?

    7. rhetorical skills

      for example, "political speeches often use rhetoric to evoke emotional responses in the audience"

    8. critical-thinking,

      critical thinking means thinking a different path from everyone else

    9. improved problem-solving

      i called it lmao

    10. CSL helps students retain more information learned in class

      this is helpful for when we are studying for a quiz or test, we could absorb informations better

    11. apply their knowledge to real world problems.

      valuable in resume: problem solving skills

    12. efficacy

      means the ability to produced a desired or intended result

    13. courses promoted interpersonal, community and academic engagement, were academically challenging, and encouraged their continued study at the Universit

      csl course promotes these things for a student

    14. pedagogical

      means relating to teaching