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  1. Jul 2019
    1. If you create or post one, remember to pay attention to the source of the image. Your best bet is to start with an image or clip that is already labeled for reuse or is in the public domain, meaning out of copyright protection altogether. Google Images search tools provides such a filter, or try the Creative Commons search for work licensed for reuse via Creative Commons licenses.

      Even if not creating or posting a meme, this is very good info to know for checking sources for using images. I'll be paying much closer attention.

    2. The viral spread of a meme infringes on theses protections as the original image is modified and then displayed, distributed and reproduced when posted and reposted.

      I've gotten a full education about memes this module as I'd never thought anything about them, and didn't know that people alter them. It is then very interesting to consider the ethics.

    1. “Some of what is happening now will make these white supremacists realize why their grandparents wore hoods,” Ms. Wilson said. “At least then there was shame.”

      Interesting logic. If these current protesters aren't bothered by their identities being known then clearly other things are at play and approaches other than vigilantism seem would be more constructive.

    2. But Tony McAleer, a former white supremacist leader who now runs Life After Hate, a rehabilitation program for neo-Nazis, called doxxing a “ passive aggressive violence.”

      I would agree that this kind of activity is passive aggressive and is different than revealing someone's previously chosen hidden identity.

  2. Jun 2019
    1. To be clear, there is a law that defines domestic terrorism but not one that charges people who commit acts of terrorism in America.

      There aren't any words for this! Utterly absurd and wrong. The terror that people in this country experience from hate crimes isn't different from international terrorism. It's criminal to be allowed.

    1. Go up to the “omnibar” Strip off everything after the domain name, type wikipedia and press enter This generates a Google search for that URL with the Wikipedia page at the top Click that link, then check in the sidebar that the URL matches. Forty-nine out of fifty times it will. The fiftieth time you may have some work to do.

      Every tip is helpful, easy and doable. His article opened my eyes to all sorts of things I didn't know or was aware of.