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  1. Jul 2022
    1. I will argue that the distinction between online and in-person learning is far less significant than it appears, because all learning is in-person and never online

      Online vs. in-person it is a a false dichotomie, it is the wrong question.

  2. Jun 2022
  3. May 2022
    1. We suggested that students should ask their lay relativesor friends to proofread their articles regarding comprehensibility

      Lo cual también es una derrama de aprendizajes.

    2. proudly shared the outcomes of the course on social media

      Hay que presumir en redes sociales después de tanto esfuerzo, claro.

    3. blocked full-day lecture

      Para llevar las ediciones a Wikipedia se requiere tiempo y con frecuencia las clases de dos horas no son suficientes. ¿Cómo proponer sesiones más largas? ¿Editatones?

    4. joint brainstorming

      Decisiones en los hombres del alumnado, no del cuerpo docente.

    5. This expertpresented an introduction to the most important rules of Wikipedia and was also available to studentsin a writing workshop at a later date

      Relación directa con la comunidad wikipedista

    6. advancing the team as a unit that could accomplish more with fewer resources. Participatingin a shared overall goal with one’s individual strengths is an additional important aspect that contributedto the exceptional motivation of the students

      Solicitar una autoidentificación de mis habilidades y saber dónde puedo aportar más.

    7. The articles weresubmitted for publication on Wikipedia after two further feedback loops and revisions by students.At this point, the Wikipedia expert and other experienced authors from the Wikipedia communityassessed the quality of articles, provided feedback to students, and finally decided on theirpublication

      Esto es útil para saber para definir un ritmo de trabajo y sugerir el tiempo que puede llevar una intervención con Wikipedia.

    8. Wikipedia uses a similarframework to manage the multiple historical versions and track changes in the articles. After having workedwith Git while writing the scientific background papers, students had no difficulty transferring the logic ofversion control to the content management system of Wikipedia.

      Sería interesante ver si hay alguna ventaja frente al tablero de seguimiento de ediciones en Wikipedia. https://outreachdashboard.wmflabs.org/

    9. anonymous community but on the assessment of student performance by the instructor.

      Las calificaciones no se basan en los comentarios o retro de la comunidad sino en observaciones precisas del cuerpo docente.

    10. feedback and evaluation, are spread onto more shoulders, and pla-giarism is quickly detected

      Mayor oportunidad de feedback y una eficiente detección de plagio.

    11. Reciprocal feedback is not limited to instructors but to a greater community ofexperts and laypeople, which might be a valuable experience for students with regard to future academiccareers where research is usually being reviewed by a larger scientific community

      La evaluación no la realiza únicamente el cuerpo docente.

    12. There is a risk ofunexpected events, like recurring revisions by the community, delays due to careful but long reviewprocesses, or even rejection by administrators, which can also be frustrating for both students andinstructors.

      Riesgos potenciales

    13. part of theelective classes within the master’s program in economics at the Vienna University of Economics andBusiness.

      Clase de posgrado

    14. visibility

      ¿Quién no quiere hacer más visible el trabajo que se realiza en las clases?

    15. The wind has changed direction,


    16. We present guidelines for bridging the demand for knowledge and the lack ofavailable information in a postgraduate economics class where students collaborate to enrich Wikipediawith articles on income inequality

      Encuentran un área de oportunidad y crean una estrategia de intervención educativa.

    17. Wikipedagogy

      Me encanta el término! 👌

  4. Apr 2022
    1. pen recognition

      Un ejemplo que me encanta es la forma en que se presentan las habilidades en GitHub, por ejemplo: https://github.com/terracing

    2. No doubt it would be easier for readers if we could simply point to examples of robust open recognition networks. We cannot yet.

      ¿Cómo podría ser esta plataforma? 🤔

    3. that the idea of non-traditional recognition seems hard to fathom, even though non-traditional recognition is most certainly older than traditional recognition.

      Esto es uno de los grandes retos, trascender la percepción de no validez.

    4. Open recognition is the acknowledgement of lifelong and lifewide knowledge, skills, abilities, or accomplishments of individuals, shared across networks both electronic and human, and aggregated to the benefit of all.

      Definición "reconocimiento abierto"

    5. Open recognition promises to change the landscape of education by dissecting the degree into smaller components, and allow for broader forms of recognition of accomplishment.

      ¿Así o más disruptivo? :D

    6. open recognition and Wikipedia share common features and can both be categorised as open knowledge movements.

      Reconocimiento abierto + Wikipedia

    7. Open Recognition as consisting of three elements a philosophy, a framework, and a practice.

      Definición de reconocimiento abierto a partir de un marco de trabajo, una filosofía y la práctica. +1

  5. Oct 2021