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  1. Jan 2023
    1. कितना उम्मीद भरा होता है,किसी भी शहर में फूलों को बिकते देखना।किइस शहर में प्रेम अब तलक गैरकानूनी नहीं हुआ।।

      wow, just wow!

    1. Now, if you try to parse a date (using the pandas.to_datetime() function) that lies outside this range, we get the above ParseError.

      The datetime type in pandas can only take values inside a given range, for example, dates less than 1677-09-21 and greater than 2262-04-11 cannot be used in Pandas. Is this due to the bit size the datetime[ns] type uses in Pandas?

    1. Self-belief is immensely powerful. The most successful people I know believe in themselves almost to the point of delusion.

      It's easy to sound smart and be a cynic but being an optimist with high levels of self-belief is the fuel that can help cross adversities, challenge the status-quo, truly bend reality to one's will.

    1. The idea of this article is not so much that we become what we believe as that we are those beliefs and thoughts, and yet we can also step out of them, at least for the time being, by being aware of them.  Of course, when we are aware of thoughts, we are some other thought in turn, although it is perhaps possible to step out of the realm of thought entirely at least momentarily.  

      I relate to this so much! As much as we are shaped by our beliefs, we can step out of them, change them, mould ourselves into different (and better versions).