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  1. Jun 2019
    1. The purpose of Scholarly Presentations are for students to develop public speaking, presentation, and summary skills in support of their doctoral and research activities (i.e. defenses, conference presentations, etc.). During Sessions 2, 3, and 4, students will deliver a four-minute presentation to a group of peers about the following topics:

      Was there a 1 pager that we must prepare?

    2. My Research,” a presentation about the student’s research interests and agenda

      Would the serve the same purpose as an elevator speech?

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    1. but rather that fields that seek to understand the complexities of human learning and development can open up new conceptual space

      3rd space- Gutierrez

    2. These deficit assumptions have moved from arguments of biological determinism to arguments of environmental deficits—deficits in lan-guage (Bereiter & Engelmann, 1966), in family socialization practices (Coleman, 1988), and most recently in psychological attributes associated with emotional self-regulation and executive self-control (Heckman, 2012). Mills (1997) argues that the persistence of these belief systems is rooted in what he calls “the racial contract,” an ideology that structures hierarchies across human communities, with those designated as “White” at the top of the hierarchy. However, it is interesting to note, in the United States, that who gets to be White and non-White has shifted historically, but where Blacks remain at the bottom

      Carol Lee, I want to meet you one day! She captured this so eloquently and accurately.