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  1. Oct 2021
    1. Writing an expression in terms of the trace operator opens up opportunities tomanipulate the expression using many useful identities.

      What does writing an expression using trace operator open up to?

    2. the traceoperator is invariant to the transpose operator:

      What is the trace operator invariant for?

    3. What is the Frobenius Norm of a Matrix?

    4. For example, the trace operator providesan alternative way of writing the Frobenius norm of a matrix:

      The trace operator provides the alternative way of writing which norm of the matrix?

    5. Some operations that aredifficult to specify without resorting to summation notation can be specified usingmatrix products and the trace operator.

      Where the trace operator is useful?

    6. The trace operator gives the sum of all the diagonal entries of a matrix

      What is a trace operator?