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  1. Apr 2016
    1. David McRaney feels that many people have a misconception when it comes to procrastination, you procrastinate because you are lazy and can't manage your time well. In reality he feels that the reason behind procrastination is that its fueled by weakness in the face of impulse and a failure to think about thinking. It manifests itself within every aspect of your life. You constantly say you will do it tomorrow or this will be the year you open your mind to new things but days go by and you don't get around to those tasks that you said you would do. You try to create to-do lists but that won't help because you aren't bad at managing of you time, you're a bad tactician in the war inside your brain. The struggle between want verses should becomes increasingly hard.

  2. Feb 2016
    1. Melissa Healy states that scientist view mental leisure as an important, purposeful work, work that relies on a powerful and far-flung network of brain cells firing in unison. Also known as the default mode network. The brain regions that make up these networks have been recognized as active, because people recall their pasts. project themselves into future scenarios, impute motives and feelings to other people, and weigh their personal values.

    1. Carl Zimmer believes that mind wandering is a big problem when is comes to procrastination because we lose touch with the outside world, we are more likely to make mistakes, fail to encode memories and miss a connection. Multiple studies have shown that zoning out is a big problem, such as reading a passage thirty-one percent could give the villain's pseudonym and sixty-one percent who were zoning out didn't succeed. This becomes controversial because our brain is made up of billions of neurons joined to each other by trillions of connections. Two important brain networks become active when ones mind wanders this suggests that its not a useless mental static.

    2. Depending on the experiment, people spend up to half their time not thinking about the task at hand—even when they’ve been told explicitly to pay attention.

      I agree that this statement is valid and people pay more attention to things that they are interested in.

    3. I am going to do my best to hold your attention until the very last word of this column. Actually, I know it’s futile. Along the way, your mind will wander off, then return, then drift away again.

      In my opinion i think he was smart by mentioning this in his opening paragraph because it made me more aware of whether or not i wandered while reading. Which conducted multiple studies down below.

    1. Paul Graham believes that there is good and bad procrastination. He states that there are three variants of procrastination, You could work on nothing, work on something less important, and work on something more important. Which Graham thinks working on something that is more important is good procrastination. Errands are the smaller things that can be put off because the bigger important things need a much larger chunk of time and the right mood. Doing errands can greatly affect their productivity. Best way to heal procrastination is to let delight pull you instead of making a to-do list to push you. Work on things that you enjoy and you will leave the right things undone.

    2. They're type-C procrastinators: they put off working on small stuff to work on big stuff.

      I think in life you need to do the bigger things first before you do the smaller things to get through life successfully or else you are always going to be in crunch time trying to finish the bigger more important things

    3. how to procrastinate well.

      I agree that people need to learn how to do this because some people think oh i don't procrastinate but you do you just do it well.

    4. procrastination isn't always bad?

      I believe that yes procrastination isn't always bad if you are putting it off for another task maybe for something that has a more important value at the moment and needs to be done first. Procrastination inst good if your just being lazy and don't feel like doing it at the moment.